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over 160 authoritative indicators give you a full view of market trend and competitive landscape.

  • app comprehensive performance evaluation. this database offers a variety of data metrics including but not limited to, downloads, installations, uninstallations etc., that help professionals to evaluate the comprehensive performance of apps.
  • app user quality evaluation. this database helps professionals to evaluate the quality of target app's user base by observing the behavior of app users.
  • app user conversion analysis. this database monitors the target app's users' conversion from downloads to being active and eventually to leaving the app.
  • app user profile analysis. this database offers app users' demographic and geographic profile data.


discover the value of traffic across all platforms.

  • command the highest ground of strategic decision making by grasping the trend across all platforms of the mobile internet.
  • understand the value of users by analyzing the trend on standalone app, wechat mini programs, alipay mini programs, baidu mini programs and other platforms.
  • spot the next opportunity by understanding the flow of user traffic among different platforms.
  • make better operation decisions by understanding the demographic features of users across all platforms.


first hand data of app performance in multi-scenario.

  • actual daily metrics that help users track the performance of mobile apps from multiple angles.
  • highly efficient analysis tools and charts that help users to perform operation analysis, product competition analysis, market analysis and a variety of other use cases.
  • upgraded algorithms with ai features that help users to identify and track apps with similar growth patterns.
truth-mini program

truth-mini program

dive deep into the wechat ecosystem and explore more play rules of online marketing.

  • performance of different sectors. this database categorizes all mini programs into 24 categories and helps users to evaluate the performance of each category and identify the fastest growing product in each category.
  • competition analysis. this database helps professionals to understand the competition and overlap between different mini programs.
  • operation analysis. this database offers a variety of metrics including but not limited to, number of users, time spent, sessions and retention rate etc., all of which can be used in day to day operation work.
  • user profile analysis. this database offers mini program users demographic and geographic profile metrics.
truth-dark horse list

truth-dark horse list

a compass that points you to the right direction. a radar that detects the player with the highest potential.

  • a compass that helps professionals to sense the early trend of the next high potential sector.
  • a laser pointer that helps professionals to identify the fastest growing apps in target sectors.
  • a scale that tracks the user number and growth trend of target apps.
  • a radar that scans the entire mobile internet and no app is too small for it to track.
  • an analytical tool that helps professionals to predict the future growth of target app/sector.